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learn english Online

To our followers, Students, teachers and parents who want to teach English to their students or children easily and effectively ^_^


it’s an honor to offer you online Teaching English for non native speakers Diploma

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You don’t have to pay lots of money to study TESOL diploma abroad because now you can study it for free from home 😮

TESOL Certificate: Teach English Now! Specialization

learn english Online
learn english Online

This is a free and online diploma presented by Coursera and Arizona University

By the end of this course you will get a free certificate from Arizona university 😀

More details about the content of this diploma Teach English Now! Specialization
Recognize foreign language learning theories
basic foundational principles of language acquisition and the basic techniques
Provide access to professional resources.
Design and plan lessons to teach English as a second or foreign language effectively


In the final Capstone Project you will apply the skills you learned by designing a lesson plan which includes learning outcomes, assessments, materials, classroom management techniques and learning activities 😀

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Free online English course in AUC

learn english Online

Do you want to know how to learn English online for free?
You will find the answer in this article!

You can study Online English course in AUC for FREE instead of paying more than 1500$


This online English course will be helpful for both beginners and advanced levels! ^_^

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This Online English course “English For You channel” is highly recommended for those who never studied English before and want to improve their level in English 😀

learn english Online

learn english Online

Beginner Level

Elementary Level

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Intermediate Level:

Finally here are some Tips to get benefit from this Online English course
Repeat every videos many times to understand it completely
Practice the 4  English skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
Don’t forget to write down your notes
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Watch these videos daily

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