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Today we will learn how talk in different situations


This method is very effective and easy way to master the English language in no time

Our topic today will be about ”Airport and travel situations”, I’m sure it will help you a lot in your daily conversations specially at the airport

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What you will learn in this lesson:
The most important words in the airport + how to pronounce them
The most important sentences and structures in the airport + how to pronounce them
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Let’s start with the common words at the airport + their Pronunciation 💪






Flight attendant






Now, Let’s start with the common sentences and structures that you will use at the airport + their Pronunciation 💪
I have come to collect my tickets = I want to receive my tickets


I booked on the Internet = I bought the ticket online


What is the flight number? = When you ask about your flight number


Enjoy your flight! = Happy flight


How many bags are you checking in? = It means the number of bags that you have at the airport


Where are you flying to? = which country will you travel to?


Your passport and ticket, please = when the employee wants to check your papers

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