Daily- life actions Vocabulary Pronunciation

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Today we will talk about ”Daily- life actions Vocabulary Pronunciation” + some magical tips to memorize the English words 😀

Daily-life actions are habits we often do them daily

Magical Tips that will help you to memorize English words in no time

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 A) Write down every English word 
B) Put the words in sentences

C) Repeat
words daily
D) Use magical sticky notes.. Here is the way
Write down every word on a bright sticky note and put it on your desk, door or mirror to see them daily

Final Tips,
All you need to do is to study my lessons, read my articles and follow my instructions and advices. and 
I will help you to improve your English level from A to Z online and for free 🔥

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Don’t forget to tell me about your Daily- life actions ^_^

Let’s Practice NOW!

↓ Sound 1 ↓


What did you hear?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 2 ↓

What is this verb?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 3 ↓

What is this word?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 4↓

What did you hear?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 5 ↓

What is this?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 6 ↓

What is this verb?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 7 ↓

What do you hear?

Correct! Wrong!

↓ Sound 8 ↓

What is this verb?

Correct! Wrong!

Daily actions' Quiz 8

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