What are the differences among See, Watch and Look?

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In our lesson today will talk about the difference between Look, See and Watch, their usages and some examples

1- See
To notice someone or something by using your eyes 😀

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I can see clouds in the sky.
Didn’t you see Mark? he was waving at you.

2- Look
To direct your eyes in a particular thing

Look! It’s raining. ^_^
look at the white board to understand the lesson

3- Watch
To look at someone or something (moving) for a time

 I like watching this movie on TV.
If you watch this egg for long time, you’ll see it when it hatches.

Now, it’s time to test yourself!

"Kids, please, ___ at the board!"

Correct! Wrong!

Wow! ...... at the beautiful flowers

Correct! Wrong!

"Please let me ___ TV!"

Correct! Wrong!

I have not ___ "Avatar".

Correct! Wrong!

___ you later!

Correct! Wrong!

Cats can ___ in the dark.

Correct! Wrong!

"Can you ___ the kid for a minute?

Correct! Wrong!

Look, See or Watch Quiz
Try again!
Nice try

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