What are the differences between need and want?

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Our lesson today will talk about the difference between need and want, their usages and some examples

At the end of the lesson you will know
”When and How should you use each one of them?”

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1- Need
Something that a person must have in order to thrive otherwise he will suffer

Some usage of needs are:
Air, Water, Food, Rest, Shelter and Health.. etc

We need to eat in order to live.
We need money to buy the medicine

2- Want
A desire which a person may or may not be able to get.

Some usage of needs are:
New shoes, New car, Choosing what to eat… etc

I want to buy a new shoes
He wants to be a doctor 😀

Time to test yourself!

we ......... air to live.

Correct! Wrong!

Do we ............ food to survive?

Correct! Wrong!

Do you ...... to go to the training?

Correct! Wrong!

I really .......... shelter.

Correct! Wrong!

She ...... to buy a new shoes

Correct! Wrong!

They ..... to buy new clothes this week

Correct! Wrong!

What do people ......... to live?

Correct! Wrong!

Need or Want Quiz
Try again!
Nice Try but repeat the lesson, then try again

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