The differences between Was & Were (Past Continuous Tense)

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Today we will talk about past continuous, usages and examples in details..

1- Usage
The past continuous tense describes actions happened in a time before now.. which began in the past and is still going on at this time.

To sum up..
It expresses an unfinished or incomplete action that happened in the past.

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2- Sentence Format
A- Pronounce
I, he, she, it, we, you, they

B- Helping verbs
Followed by He – She – It – I
Examples: He was.. She was.. etc

Followed by You – We – They
Examples: You were.. We were.. etc

C- Main Verbs
Structure: Verb + ing
Examples: writing – cooking – playing

3- Examples
Mark was tired
He was playing Basketball
Sara was eating dinner

They were at school
Were you attending the interview?
We were studying Science

Now, Test yourself to make sure that you understand this lesson ^^

Mark and Tony ___ watching television.

Correct! Wrong!

A baby ___ crying.

Correct! Wrong!

A lot of people ___ working.

Correct! Wrong!

Why ___ he sad?

Correct! Wrong!

A man ___ walking his dog.

Correct! Wrong!

It was a nice day, but we ___ so sleepy.

Correct! Wrong!

When I ___ a child we lived in London.

Correct! Wrong!

Was & Were quiz
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