Hotel English Vocabulary Pronunciation 2 – Learn English Online

Learning how talk like English native speakers in different conversations is an effective and easy way to master the English language and speak fluently


I chose the Hotel conversation topic because it’s important and popular.
I’m sure it will help you a lot through your learning English journey online and for FREE

Final Tips
Listen to the pronunciation many times then repeat it
Write these words in your notebook to be able to review them every day
Repeat every word many times, to memorize them quickly
Follow my articles to improve your English level and become fluent

Believe me, my friend
Learning English is much more easier than you think ^__^

This is an easy and fun English lesson, right?
Test yourself NOW to improve your English level 

He works as ______________.

Correct! Wrong!

This is _______.

Correct! Wrong!

What is this?

Correct! Wrong!

The opposite of Check in is _________.

Correct! Wrong!

She works as _____________.

Correct! Wrong!

Complete: A large area near the reception is ____________.

Correct! Wrong!

Hotel English Vocabulary Quiz - Learn English online
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Good luck


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