The most important verbs in English – Pronunciation + Tips

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In this lesson I’ll help you to know how to pronounce The most important  verbs in the English language

in addition to some tricks that will help you to memorize to words faster than the regular and boring ways 😀

These verbs are the cornerstone to be able to make daily conversations in the English language

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Now.. How can you memorize words easily in no time?
Use sticky notes to Write down every word on a sticky note and put it in your room whether on your desk, door, chair or bed to catch your eyes and see them all the day long

The most important verbs in English Vocabulary + Pronunciation 💪









Final Tips
Study my lessons
Read my articles
Follow my instructions and advices.
In order to become fluent just like the English native speakers

and I promise that I will help you to improve your English level online and for free until you become fluent

I really want to read your Feedback & Comments about this article, my lovely Friends 😍

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