Tips and Channels to learn English on Instagram

Yes! Instagram is the perfect platform for learning English.
A lot of people don’t know that they can improve their English easily through Instagram! 😮
Read this article to know more about this magical way!


Actually, Following English teachers and reading English posts can help you improve your English level easily

Note: (at the end of this article) You will find amazing recommendations ^_^

How to use Instagram effectively
through your English learning 

1- Speak English – Express yourself!

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Talk about your daily habits, activities and opinions in English
on Instagram’s feed, stories and messages
This might be difficult at the beginning but it is a very effective way and good start ^_^

2- Follow English teachers accounts

learn english Online
learn english Online

By following teachers and other Native speakers accounts you will learn English easily 😉

3-  Join Teachers’ live lessons on Instagram
When a teacher gives a live lesson, ask him to send you an invitation to join him. You will find supportive community.

4- Save Posts to Learn

Save important posts and lessons on Instagram’s Feeds by clicking menu button on your profile to repeat them regularly! 

5-  Write & Learn
Write simple posts, Comments and Messages on English posts to improve your writing skills
Don’t afraid of making Mistakes! ^_^

Finally, Check this List, it contains English Teachers’ accounts on Instagram you can follow:


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