Tips to Improve your English listening skill!

I have a surprise to our lovely followers from all over the world who want to learn English professionally ^_^

You don’t have to waste lots of money and time in order to learn English 😀 

Because you can learn English through Online courses for FREE  😀

The surprise is about how to learn “Listening skill” in English

First, Here is a quick tip
Always remember “Practice makes perfect” <3
If you really want to learn English listening skill, you will need to listen to many English conversations, songs and 
s over and over again


Now, the question is how can I find suitable conversations to learn English as a beginner?

Sources everywhere! -_-

learn english Online
learn english Online

Most people decide not to learn English skills because they can’t choose a specific source from all sources on the Internet

That’s why, I searched on you tube to find effective and professional listening courses from a to z that will help you a lot to learn English listening skill easily <3

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About free online English listening courses on Youtube:
32 Minutes of English Listening Practice for Beginners 
– Instructor will show you many situations.
– All you have to do is listen carefully and answer the questions.

English Listening Level 1
In this amazing channel you will find 100 different real common situations 
you should listen to every situation many times then repeat it so that you can learn English ^_^


To sum up ..
listening skill improvement isn’t as hard as you think
– Watch these videos regularly and Repeat every video many times to understand it completely

– Memorize every new word to improve your English skills and benefit from courses 😀

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