Party Invitation


Heather: Hey. John. This looks a great party. [Yeah!] Thanks for inviting me.

John: No problem. Glad you could make it. Hey. Have you met any of the famous guests so far?

Heather: Uh, no. Who exactly?

John: Well, there is Gregorio Zuttlemisterburger . . . [Who?]. Ah. They call him the “Grip” for short.

Heather: Who in the world is he?

John: You’ve never heard of him? [No.] He’s the world famous snake trainer . . . He’s never met a snake he couldn’t train to dance and hiss at the same time.

Heather: Seriously? Where is he?

John: Uh, he’s the tall guy over there in the purple jacket and green pants. He probably has a snake or two with him tonight.

Heather: Huh?

John: And then there is Georgina, the Great.

Heather: Georgina . . . and great for what?

John: Are you serious? You’ve never heard of her? She is the world’s greatest arm wrestler. I mean, World champion. She’s the petite woman next to the fireplace with the bright yellow dress and the tennis shoes.

Heather: I thought you said famous people . . . like, like people we all know.

John: And, and there is Brad Pitt . . .

Heather: Now, there’s someone I recognize . . .

John: . . . the captain of the national Yo-Yo team [What?]. Yeah. He’s the short, stocky man sitting at the table wearing the black and red checkered shirt. I’m sure he’d do a few tricks for you if you asked.

Heather: Uh, no thank you. I think I’ve had enough entertainment for one evening.

John: Okay.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • famous (adjective): well known by many people
    – My sister is very famous because of her popular novels.
  • guests (noun): a person invited to a party, a meal, or some special occasion
    – We need to prepare enough food for thirty guests who will be attending the event.
  • exactly (adverb): specifically
    – So, where do you live exactly in the city?
  • petite (adjective): thin, slender (used for women)
    – My sister is very petite, so a extra small shirt would suit her best.
  • stocky (adjective): solidly built and often strong, but not tall
    – The stocky man over by the table is the host of the party.


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