Memorize 6000 English words in 3 hours 2

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The most important 6000 words in English


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You can Enroll from any where and any time and when you finish it, you will get a certificate

learn english Online
learn english Online

Why you should study ”The most important 6000 words in English” course?
It is suitable for beginners
Instructor repeats every word many times

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Listen to the pronunciation and the meaning of every word from here

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Some Tips to help you study this online English course easily
– Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Repeat every videos many times to understand it completely
– Don’t forget to write down your notes on this course
Memorize every new word to improve your English skills

I can’t wait to read your comments about this course, my Friends. ^_^

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  1. English league is very important for me. So I’m living in New York but I not well my English. That’s why I want to learn English speaking

  2. Am I more and more timr speare learn English.because ihed got canada entry express vissa so many importent English skill with you. Your thanksfully

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