The differences between am & is & are (Present Continuous Tense)

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Today we will talk about Present continuous, usages and examples in details..


1- Usage
The Present continuous tense used for things that are happening at the moment of speaking. and they are not finished yet.

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To sum up..
It expresses an action that happened right Now.

2- Sentence Format
A- Pronounce
I, he, she, it, we, you, they

B- Helping verbs
Followed by I
Examples: Iam

Followed by He – She – It
Examples: He is.. She is.. etc

Followed by You – We – They
Examples: You are.. We are.. etc

C- Main Verbs
Structure: Verb + ing
Examples: writing – studying – playing

3- Examples
John is eating now
Iam reading at library
Sara is cooking lunch
They are
talking on the phone
We are
working hard to get money

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Now, it’s your turn to test yourself and make sure that you understand this lesson ^^

I____not her friend.

Correct! Wrong!

My pencil_____on the floor.

Correct! Wrong!

Trixi and Susi _____my cats.

Correct! Wrong!

It_____Tuesday today.

Correct! Wrong!

His brother ______ seven years old.

Correct! Wrong!

My mother___ in the kitchen now.

Correct! Wrong!

We ___ in the car.

Correct! Wrong!

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