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Today we will learn how talk in different situations


This method is very effective and easy way to master the English language in no time

Our topic today will be about ”Restaurant situations”, I’m sure it will help you a lot in your daily conversations specially at the restaurants

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Now, Let’s start with the common sentences and structures that you will use at the Restaurant + their Pronunciation 💪
Can I reserve a table, please?
* I need a table

Enjoy your meal
* Happy meal!

Can we have more water, please?
If you want water, you will ask waiter to bring you more water

I’d like to pay
* When you finish your meal and want to pay money

To take away, please
* D

I’d prefer it not too spicy
* I don’t want hot food

May I see the menu, please?
* When you want to see the menu (food list) to choose an order

Now, let’s practise

To take away = ................

Correct! Wrong!

Can we have .......... water, please?

Correct! Wrong!

I’d like to .......

Correct! Wrong!

Menu means.........

Correct! Wrong!

Enjoy your ..........

Correct! Wrong!

Can we have more water, please? .. you say this sentence to......

Correct! Wrong!

At the Restaurant Quiz
Try one more time

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