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Today’s lesson is different and very important.
It is about “Tricky phrasal verbs”.
We will start with the verb “Work”.

I’m so sure that this lesson will help you a lot through your learning English journey to master the English language online and for FREE


Work up 
Meaning: To Develop.
Example: They went for a walk to work up an appetite.

Work on
Meaning: To Improve Something.
Example: She is working on plans to solve her problem.

Work off
Meaning: To get rid off bad feelings by doing an activity.
Example: I worked off my anger by doing Exercises.

Work around
Meaning: a method for overcoming a problem in a system or program.
Example: The programmer worked around the clock to fix the problem.

Work out
Meaning: To Calculate.
Example: Can you work out how to get to school by bus?

Work through
Meaning: To deal with or to resolve a problem.
Example: She needs to work through her failure in the exam.

Work at
Meaning: Working hard to improve something.
Example: He needs to work at his running speed

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Work away
Meaning: Working hard for a long time.
Example: I have been working away in the factory all day

Work into
Meaning: To add (something) in (something).
Example: He tried to find a way of working his suggestion into the conversation.


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