10 Ways to Say Sorry in English

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Our topic today will be about ”10 Ways to say Sorry in English”,
I chose this topic because it’s important and popular in learning English.
I’m sure it will help you a lot through your learning English journey

Now, Let’s start with 10 Ways to say Sorry in English 💪
I’m Sorry

I Apologize

It is all my Fault

I Regret

My Bad

Forgive me

Excuse me

My Mistake


I was wrong on that

This is an easy lesson, right?
How about Testing yourself NOW to make sure that you understand this lesson well?

Complete: It is all my .........

Correct! Wrong!

If you make a mistake, you will say ...........

Correct! Wrong!

Complete the missing letter: My M-stake

Correct! Wrong!

I feel Guilty = ...................

Correct! Wrong!

Complete the missing letter: Exc-se me

Correct! Wrong!

Complete: I was wrong ...... that

Correct! Wrong!

10 Ways to Say Sorry Quiz - Learn English Online
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