Easter Day English Vocabulary Pronunciation

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Our topic today will be about ”Easter Day English Vocabulary Pronunciation”
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Now, Let’s start with “Easter Day English Vocabulary Pronunciation” 💪
* A Christian religious holiday

Easter Eggs
* A Colorful eggs, given to children at Easter

* Season

Easter Bunny
* An imaginary rabbit that bring gifts to children

Easter Basket
* Children use it to collect hidden eggs

Easter Egg Hunter
* Children play this game to find hidden eggs

* Sheep


* Sweets


Final Tips
Write these words in your notebook to be able to review them every day
Listen to the pronunciation many times then repeat it

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Easter is in ...............

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This is ...........

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What is this?

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..................., children use it to collect hidden eggs

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What is this?

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What is this game?

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Easter Day Vocabulary Quiz - Learn English Online
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