Phrasal Verbs

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Today’s lesson is different and very important.
It is about “Tricky phrasal verbs”.
We will start with the verb “Call”.

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Call for
To Request.
Example: He called for the freedom.

Call in
Meaning: To Communicate with .. by telephone.
Example: She is ill, so she called in hospital.

Call on
Meaning: To visit a person.
Example: I should call on my grandfather more often.

Call out
Meaning: To challenge
Example:He called out for a fight.

Call away
Meaning: To depart.
Example: She was called away from her work due to emergency case.

Call off
Meaning: To cancel
Example: I should call off my meetings today.

Now, Hurry up!
It’s time to Test your English level and improve your language skills from hereْ to make sure that you understand this lesson

To cancel = ___________

Correct! Wrong!

Call for is ______________

Correct! Wrong!

Call away = __________.

Correct! Wrong!

I should call ____ my father more often.

Correct! Wrong!

She is ill, so she called ______ hospital.

Correct! Wrong!

He called ___ his right.

Correct! Wrong!

Tricky Phrasal Verb (Call) Quiz - Learn English Online
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