The differences among and & or & but

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So, today we will talk about the differences, usages and examples among and, or, but in details..

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1- And
Usage: 1- when an action follows another one.
Example: Sara sent her CV to the company and waited for their call.
* Notes:
In the first action: Sara sent her CV
In the second one: She waited for the company’s call

2- Linking two similar words or sentences to each other
Example: I love cats and dogs
* Note: Both Cats and Dogs are pets

2- But
to suggest a contrast.

1- She is rich but he is unhappy
* Note: Here is the contrast ”rich” but ”unhappy”

2- He was ill but he went to work.
* Note: Here is the contrast ”ill” but ”work” 

3- Or
Usage: suggest that only one possibility can be chosen.

1- He doesn’t know if he’s right or wrong
* Note: Here there are 2 possibilities ”right” or ”wrong”

2- You can have tea or coffee.
* Note: Here there are 2 choices ”tea” or ”coffee” 

Now, Test your level to make sure that you understand this lesson ^^

We stayed at home ___ ate there.

Correct! Wrong!

I can't remember his face ___ I know his face from London.

Correct! Wrong!

We can go by bus ___ we can walk.

Correct! Wrong!

He wanted to buy a magazine ___ didn't have enough money.

Correct! Wrong!

Do you want coffee ___ tea?

Correct! Wrong!

He's so nice ___ he doesn't have enough money

Correct! Wrong!

The bus stopped ___ the lady got off.

Correct! Wrong!

And, or, but quiz
Try again
Study the lesson one more time

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